Dali AG is an expert in the concrete business and located in Dietikon, Switzerland. They provide solid and top of the line concrete solutions to builders who need tailored materials for their buildings. The company has worked for projects such as The Circle at the Zurich Airport or the FIFA Museum in Zurich. 

The company was looking for an online presence that would resemble their concrete business at the moment people visit it. It needed to be sleek and minimalistic. Further, the company wanted just a simple logo with the initial D from Dali AG. With the provided example, I was able to create it quickly which helped them to use it in their marketing materials and e-mails. 

I delivered Dali AG the minimal website with a concrete wall at the beginning. The heading expresses what Dali AG is all about and I kept the navigation user-friendly for people to find what they are looking for in one click. The website project was rounded off with a suitable e-mail to the domain.