Gsund-Chrut is a herbal therapist and blog site situated in Wettingen, Switzerland. They offer insightful courses throughout the year, informative reads and guides about all kind of herbs and a monthly subscription based herbal newsletter. People gain access to an extensive knowledge in phytotherapy and herbs.

The owner of Gsunds-Chrut, Daniela Aysen, was looking for a creative web and graphic designer who can support her in establishing a solid internet presence and moreover marketing materials for her courses as well as the monthly newsletter. I was able to help Gsunds-Chrut to promote their courses easier by providing both digital and print marketing solutions and integrate it in the monthly newsletters.

The website is being maintained and updated continuously with new dates and information about shop items etc. and I design several marketing materials. Furthermore I design the monthly newsletter which has reached a wide readership - even beyond Switzerland. 

Gsund-Chrut Kurse 2022
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