Building a cigar brand from scratch.



Kurti Cigars is an exclusive cigar brand from Switzerland that offers three types of specialty cigars all handcrafted by a known family of cigar producers in the Dominican Republic.


They entrusted their website and marketing handouts to Thumbs Up to get eye catching designs and a brand identity that makes them the unique cigar brand they are. 

We designed and developed a website that blends their special logo of two lions confronting each other with cigar like colours and smoke. The appeal of the website was uplifted with the beautiful images and interesting stories about the brand.


The marketing materials were designed to showcase the brands’ uniqueness and highlighting the cigars in an elegant but still robust way.


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Kurti Cigars Brand Website Making
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The Kurti Cigars Website was built to make it look and feel as exclusive as the brand. We introduced at first the cigar brand and then direct the visitors to the online shop.

The responsive design makes it easy to navigate through the website and provides a comfortable online experience at Kurti Cigars. 

The colours and images complement each other well and are easy to absorb.


We created different brochures and flyers as well as business cards that are used for their marketing activities. 

The cigars are sold online but also sold in bars worldwide. This made it challenging because we needed to create handouts which are being used in different environments that can change the look and perception of the handouts.

We tried to keep things light and provide a lot of white space that the cigars will be the main objects of all.

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We established a brand identity that is easy to follow and to be remembered. This gives Kurti Cigars the comfort to sell their brand and have a clear structure. 

The printed materials complement the website very well, so that Kurti Cigars is well known for these colours and fonts. 

The Kurti Cigars logo is visible throughout but not too strong in order not to clash too much with everything else. 

The message of the brand is clear and present in a delightful way. You can visit their website here.

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