• Nelson Müller

How To Strive For Great Customer Service - Constantly

Every day I come in contact with people, from e-mails to establishments, and what I am always very particular is the way that I am accepted. How many times has it happened to you, that you go somewhere and the way you are greeted and welcomed can either motivate or demotivate you?

We are emotional beings and it really matters how we are received, no matter the status of our being. We expect always the best from others, even we ourselves might not always be able to be our best, but we always expect it when we go to a restaurant, meet other people at a meeting, make a phone call or get a reply from to an e-mail. We expect the best from whoever is in contact with us, we expect them to treat us the best way possible, we constantly expect. It is in our nature, that we judge people on the expectation we have towards them and this is why customer service is a very tough job. Because it assumes you to be at your best - all the time.

Of course, we could say, it is easy to say hello and give a warm welcome, that there is no effort in just saying thank you or that being nice should be just everyone's attitude. But thinking about it, are you able to always be nice to others? Is it possible for you to always smile? Can you brush off disappointments and still be friendly?

It is because we constantly expect others to be perfect, which leads us to realise the imperfection in our world and that it is actually totally normal that no one can always give their best and be constantly nice to you. You have to realise that the world is not perfect, but that imperfection makes it perfect because it allows us to be creative.

Still, you always have to perform at your best and the question is, how can you do that? How can you strive for a consistent positive attitude that leads to great customer service?

It goes by leaving your personal interests behind you and make your client or prospect you deal with being your ultimate goal to making them "happy". By thinking only that you want to give them what they seek, that way you can deliver great customer service. If your goal is someone else's happiness, that's the way how you can strive for great customer service.

Imagine you have somebody serving your lunch at a restaurant. The person greets you, accepts your order, serves your food, brings your dessert, accepts your payment and says thank you for coming to their restaurant. No matter how bland the food may taste, the service of the person will matter to you enough to come back. Because being welcome and receiving a great service matters above all.

Now, think again about the situation but you as the customer having a bad day, you are not very happy, but you receive the same seamless customer service. Do you think the person who served you could have given you such a flawless experience if they would have let their own emotion take over and being influenced by your bad day and not ideal behaviour?

Your customer's happiness has to be your goal, not your own happy feelings.

To strive for constantly great customer service, one has to leave their emotions behind, else you cannot deliver great customer service. If your goal is another person's happiness, you can't look into your own happiness first. You have to be the expectation that you always have towards others. You have to be that positive person, who focuses on bringing happiness first, and even if you don't get it back, you just give it, because you strive for great customer service. You want others to be happy when they see you, when they come in contact with you. And a person who had a bad day, will remember that because they will know, when they have a bad day, there is a place where they are welcomed. This is why delivering and striving for great customer service should be your daily goal. But by saying 'no' to what made you unhappy for a moment and giving back unhappiness, is the sure way to fail them and yourself.

Striving for great customer service means for you being the expectation that you always have towards others. To strive for it, you have to give it from yourself without expecting it in return because the goal is the customer's happiness. Make people feel welcome and they will be welcoming towards you (even if not in the first or second time). You have to give first. This is how you strive for great customer service. And this can be applied to your private life as well.

Positive thinking is up to you, not up to what happens to you.

Great customer service always wins, even if your product or service is not as great as a competitor. If people are treated well, they will remember. Customer service is much more important to people than the product itself, this is why some companies put in a lot of effort to offer their clients a great after-sales support. The bad thing is that it is being neglected too often.

If you have an online shop, you can have all products but if the navigation is terrible and the support takes too long to answer, then the competitor with much lesser products but with an intuitive website and quicker response time will win. Same goes with support, people like that their needs are taken serious, handling it well and quick is a top priority for success.

Always be aware of your own doing and provide customers the service that you want them to receive if they ever deal with you.