• Nelson Müller

The 2 Reasons Why You Need A Website For Yourself

Do you still remember the last time you made a search on Google?

It is quite fascinating how fast you can get the information you need by simply typing the relevant words in the search box and in less than a second you get a huge list from Google referring to websites with articles about it. All these web pages have been created by millions of individuals and businesses who provide these articles for people like you and me who are looking for it.

Websites offer us such valuable information that we sometimes don't even realise how amazing the process from searching to reaching the final answer even is. If you are an individual or a business, such research has become vital to your existence because we seek information to answer our daily questions. And it's the reason why the world seems moving faster because we can move faster than ever before by getting the answers quicker than ever before.

The first big reason why you need a website for your own is credibility.

Having your own website seems very logic nowadays and we assume that every business or freelancer has one thinking of the billions of searches happening every single day. But the truth is, there are still plenty who don't and simply rely only on social media pages. I don't say this is bad, but owning something yourself and using that ownership (your own domain and website) to showcase who you really are makes a huge difference. It shows that you care about the way you look like online and that you don't want to be just one of millions on a platform. You want to give people a great customer experience if they deal with you. A place where they can see much more about you, know who you truly are and what you know best. This gets you the credibility you need for the second reason why you need a website.

The second big reason why you need a website for your own is trust.

Your own website can open you doors which you didn't even know were there. That's because you create an opportunity by providing content to the people searching for it. Every person has a good knowledge about topics people care about. Those interested people can be a lot of people or can be only a few people, that doesn't really matter. But in order to get yourself and your knowledge more noticed you need to provide your own meeting point, which is your website - your own address in the worldwide web. People don't search information on Facebook or LinkedIn, they search on Google or Bing. Social media should only be used as a stream that leads to your website. They are marketing platforms. By offering great content on your website, you can build that credibility and earn the trust of people who look for what you offer - the information and service you provide. You simply move people away from the crowded place to your quiet space. And that can open you doors. How? Because you never know who will be checking out your content. Not all people are on social media, but all people are searching online.